Early Childhood Education

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Early childhood education at NMSU provides a unique opportunity to learn about, interact with and gain competence in working with young children and their families.  As a department we are committed to supporting the diversity that exists within the children and families of our communities and to view that diversity as a strength on which educational experiences are built.  We look forward to working with you and other early childhood professionals, like yourself, to expand the early childhood community’s capacity to support families, engage children in meaningful learning and form collaborative partnerships between early childhood educators, service agencies and families.


The Mission of the early childhood program is to:

  • Provide optimal professional teaching and learning experiences at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level;
  • Provide quality care, education, and family support programs for children and families of NMSU and Dona Ana Community College students, faculty and staff;
  • Provide opportunities for faculty and graduate students for research, teaching and service.

Contact Information

Dr. Betsy Cahill
Director of Early Childhood
575 646-5702

Dr. Luis Huerta-Charles
575 646-2939