Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education

Bachelors in Elementary Education

NM Public Education Department Teaching Licensure which prepares students to work effectively with children of diverse backgrounds grades kindergarten through eighth grade..

Advising for our Bachelors in Elementary Education (E ED) program is available through the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support .

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During the first two years of the B.A. program, students concentrate on their general education requirements while also taking elementary education classes. This professional education component acquaints students with the psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and cognitive aspects of K-8 education. Students also begin to take field experience courses with child study requirements.

Upon acceptance into the College of Education Teacher Education Program (TEP), students take courses in K-8 education including integrated methods courses in the subject areas of math, science, reading, language arts, fine arts and social studies; school and community collaboration; and advanced assessment. During these final two years of the program, students’ knowledge is developed and skills are practiced through extensive field experiences where students act in the role of teaching assistants.