Need To Know

New Mexico State University Elementary Education Program

The New Mexico State University (NMSU) Elementary Education program is ethically committed to preparing practitioners who share a common set of core values that includes the following constructs:  professional ethics and responsibility; caring for the self and others; equitable access for all and a teaching and learning that is focused to preparing reflective leaders who are knowledgeable of pedagogical content, skills, strategies and assessments and who value fairness and the belief that all students can learn.

 We view education as a very rewarding, fulfilling and vital career aimed at transforming the lives of children.  We also believe that educators play a critical and imaginative role in responding to the individual needs of their students.  Teaching is a calling that requires an inner passion for teaching and a love for life.  According to Paulo Freire, teaching requires:  humility; self-respect; respect for others; courage; value for and understanding of diversity and multicultural education; decisiveness; and confidence.  Please note that the aforementioned virtues are emphasized throughout the curriculum and students are expected to commit to them while enrolled in the elementary education program.

 The current demand for teachers, especially in the west continues to be high.  According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (2008-09), teaching jobs are expected to grow by 32.5% through 2014.  The handbook also makes it very clear that elementary teaching continues to be the most popular career in the broad field of educational careers.

 The NMSU Elementary Education program satisfies the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  It also meets the professional education requirements for teacher licensure as part of a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.  Both programs are three semesters in length, however, they both require specific entry-level criteria and that certain courses be taken prior to applying for admittance into the Teacher Education Program.