On Site Blocks

Office for Teacher Candidate Preparation (OTCP)
Elementary Education

Project MOVEMOS is an alternate, onsite program for the completion of the course work for Blocks A and B


(Moving Elementary Methods OnSite)

Project MOVEMOS is an innovative field-based pre-service teacher education program.  In Spanish, movemos means “we move.”  As the title of our program, MOVEMOS stands for MOVing Elementary Methods On-Site. Project MOVEMOS represents two semesters of coursework prior to a final semester of student teaching.  MOVEMOS is housed at an urban elementary school.  The undergraduate teacher candidates, henceforth, the interns, enrolled in Project MOVEMOS work for four mornings (Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.) of the week in assigned classrooms (first through fifth grades) assisting the teacher, observing students and teaching small and large groups of students.  One day a week the interns participate in a two-and-a half hour teaching seminar conducted by two teacher education professors.  One of the teacher education professors is on-site each of the four mornings serving as a supervisor for the interns.  The program is in its eleventh year having worked with one hundred forty-four elementary teacher education candidates.   The program accommodates students in the regular elementary program, students pursuing a bilingual elementary degree and most recently, students seeking dual licensure in elementary and special education.  While in the program, students gain teaching experience in inclusion classrooms and working with students from diverse language backgrounds.

For information regarding the program please contact Dr. James O’Donnell, jodonnel@nmsu.edu or 646-2290.