Establishing a Teaching Field / Specialization

Office for Teacher Candidate Preparation (OTCP)
Elementary Education

Elementary Education Majors

Upon becoming teachers, elementary education teacher candidates will be authorized to teach the core subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in a self-contained classroom or in any departmental program without a separate endorsement in the aforementioned areas.  On the other hand, elementary education teachers aspiring to teach at the middle school level will need to show evidence of being highly qualified in the teaching field(s) they wish to teach.  To be highly qualified, a teacher must have at least twenty-four (24) semester hours of coursework in the field they wish to teach or pass the respective New Mexico Teacher Assessment.  Teaching fields can be acquired through the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in language arts, social studies, science and mathematics.

It is important to note, that all elementary education majors are required to complete a teaching field in one of the four aforementioned disciplines.  The four academic disciplines and respective coursework required for each teaching field are as follows:

Language Arts Teaching Field (24 Credits)  
COMM 253G or 265G 3
ENGL 211G, Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, or 3
ENGL 311G, Advanced Composition 3
ENGL 383, Literature for Children and Young Adults 3
RDG 360, Elementary School Literacy I 3
RDG 361, Elementary School Literacy II 3
Language Arts, Electives (ENGL, RDG, THRT, COMM, or LING)
Social Studies Teaching Field (24 Credits)  
HIST 101G Roots of Modern Europe, or  
HIST 102G, Modern Europe 3
HIST 201G, Introduction to Early American History, or  
HIST 202G, Introduction to Recent American History 3
HIST 368, Teaching History 3
HIST elective 3
Choose four electives totaling 12 credits from the following subject areas.  Each elective must be chosen from a different academic area.
ANTH elective 3
ECON elective 3
GEOG elective 3
SOC elective 3
GOVT elective 3
Science Teaching Field (24 Credits)  
BIOL elective 3
CHEM elective 3
GEOL or GEOG elective 3
PHYS elective 3
HIST 368, Teaching History 3
HIST elective 3
Twelve credits in science from the general education requirements on degree plan
Mathematics Teaching Field (24 Credits)  
MATH 111, Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics 1 3
MATH 126G, Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics 11 3
STAT 251, Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences 3
Choose 15 credits from the following:  
EDUC 452, Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics 3
MATH 120, Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH 142G, Calculus for the biological and Management Sciences 1 3
MATH 121, College Algebra 3
MATH 313, Fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry 3

*Students with consent of an adviser and the mathematics department may take higher level math classes.
Please note that graduate students seeking teacher licensure will satisfy the requirements for a teaching field in Language Arts upon successful completion of all program requirements, which also includes passing the required New Mexico teacher assessments.  Bilingual and TESOL endorsements are discussed under the BILINGUAL/TESOL ENDORSEMENT heading.