Plagiarism Policy

Office for Teacher Candidate Preparation (OTCP)

As of fall semester 2007, this is the Department’s official policy on plagiarism:

“Plagiarism is using another person’s work without acknowledgment, making it appear to be one’s own. Any ideas, words, pictures, or other intellectual content, taken from another source must be acknowledged in a citation that gives credit to the source.

This is true no matter where the material comes from, including the Internet, other students’ work, unpublished materials, or oral sources. Intentional and unintentional instances of plagiarism are considered instances of academic misconduct. It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work in question to know, understand, and comply with this policy.” From

It is the policy of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction that students found to have committed an act of plagiarism, one or more of the following consequences will occur; and, a written statement outlining the offense and consequences will be placed in the student’s permanent file by the Department Head/Hearing Officer.

1. Failure of the course assignment;
2. Failure of the course;
3. Academic suspension for one or two semesters;
4. Dismissal or expulsion from the program.

There is no statute of limitations for an act of plagiarism. Once committed, a student can be held accountable at any time even after the semester has ended.

All students and instructors are obliged to follow the procedures for documenting the offense as described in the Student Handbook under Section II: Academic Misconduct