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On-site classes and programs occur face-to-face on the Main Campus in Las Cruces. Some of these classes may have Web enhancement features or services.

Off-campus Site classes and programs occur face-to-face in remote locations throughout the state or at one of our NMSU institutions.

Distance Education is a formal education process in which learning occurs through any electronic media, including hybrid classes, and/or through face-to-face meetings at off-campus sites.

Online classes and programs occur when the instructors and learners are not in the same physical place for at least 90% of the time, through various electronic media, including asynchronous or synchronous electronic communication such as Canvas, Centra, Skype, Mediasite, and/or ITV. *

Hybrid classes and programs occur through any combination of face-to-face (f2f) and electronic media (such as, but not limited to, Canvas, Centra, Skype, Mediasite, and/or ITV), typically in about equal amounts of f2f and media time.

* Typically, but not always, a class through the College of Education Distance Education Office.