Dr. Lynette Bagwell

Lynn Bagwell (Photo by Victoria Palombit)

Dr. Lynn Bagwell

Assistant Director, Early Childhood Teacher Education Program

Early Childhood Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
New Mexico State University
Office Phone: (575) 646-1537


Dr. Bagwell is the Interim Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education (ECED), College of Education, New Mexico State University. Her areas of specialization and interest include Teacher Licensure, non-licensure early childhood education, context-based curriculum development, Project-Based Learning, and STEM in the area of early childhood education.

Research interests:  Developmental Interaction Approach, Curriculum Development, Local Investigations

Most recent courses taught:  ECED 470 – Student Teacher Seminar; ECED 329 – K-3 Methods Practicum

Selected Publications:

Bagwell, L. & Cahill B. (2015) Mandated Curriculum in New Mexico: Beginning the Dialogue in Early Education, Border Walking Journal. (Submitted for publication)

Recognition & Awards:

 OCIP One Year Plus Fellowship
Teaching Academy – Distinguished Member 2015


Curriculum Series Grant

Organizations:  NMAEYC; NAREA